Ephedra Diet Pills

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Ephedra is not banned and is still available in 2014. The 2005 ban did not ban all forms of ephedra. Other forms of ephedra can still be used in supplements. Ephedra diet pills we recommend on this site are the strongest products on the market for fat loss. Check the link above to view in store!

Is Ephedra Legal in 2014

Yes! You can buy ephedra diet pills from our source above legally in 2014. Ephedra is not banned, ephedra has many different forms and only certain alkaloids are banned.

Ephedra vs Ephedrine for Fat Loss

The ephedra diet pills are superior for fat loss. Ephedra diet pills often contain other potent ingredients for fat loss that simply out perform pure ephedrine and caffeine. For example ThermoBurn Xtreme contains ephedra, caffeine, and 3 other thermogenic compounds to help increase energy and burn fat – the EC stack is simply on a lower level. Not to mention pure ephedrine can sometimes have side effects with certain individuals. If you plan are set on creating your own fat loss stack, we recommend Pharmaceutical Synephrine HCL, Caffeine, and Dendrobium 610mg.

Is Ephedra Effective for Increasing Energy Levels

YES! Ephedra is a very potent energy level enhancer. The ephedra diet pills that we recommend are formulated to provide intense energy without an intense crash. You can expect potent energy levels for 12+ hours with just one serving.

Ephedra Diet Pills <<< Click to View in Store


Ephedra for Weight Loss


How to Use Ephedra for Weight Loss

Many people looking to burn those unwanted fat deposits in their bodies have always been in the search for the best fat burning supplement. The rising popularity of ephedra as an effective fat purging component has made more people turn to using it, given the potent qualities that it is believed to contain. Notably, there are thousands of dietary pills in the market, some of which end up frustrating users after failing to help them achieve their fitness goals. Fake fitness products have pushed many people to giving up on weight loss supplements. However, with the entry of ephedra on the fitness scene, the situation changed. This supplement started garnering positive reviews, and restored the hopes of achieving faster weight loss.

Stimulates thermogenesis

Ephedra is derived from a powerful Chinese herb, Ma Huang. Studies have found out various benefits from the use of ephedra. The possibility of losing over 11.4 lbs in just 6 months was not only believable to many, but it became real to many users who turned to Ephedra to help them shed weight. The supplement is known to leave your body with extra energy and ultimately a suppressed appetite, which helps you cut down on rampant snacking. Ephedra is also at the centre of regulating body heat through process of thermogenesis, which is practically responsible for burning up the fat stored in the body to give you more energy and leaving you with a leaner body mass.

Exactly How Does Ephedra Work?

For those who may find it hard to believe the potency of Ephedra in a weight loss program, it is important to understand how this supplement works. It has a three pronged mode of action, which culminates into reduced weight. On one hand, Ephedra acts as a metabolism agent, which triggers the secretion of norepinephrine and epinephrine in large volumes. Once these hormones hit the bloodstream, they contribute greatly to the fat burning process. These hormones help in the breakdown of fats, especially in stubborn areas including the thighs, stomach, and hips. The hormones are highly effective when it comes to breaking down adipose tissue, to give more energy as opposed to burning carbohydrates for the same purpose.

Potent ECA combination

Again, Ephedra fuels the metabolic system to initiate thermogenesis. This is where the body regulates its core temperature levels. This process is highly influential when it comes to calories used up by the body each day. Ephedra has a direct impact on the basal metabolic rate, which accounts for the number of calories burnt versus the number of calories ingested. If the basal metabolic rate goes down compared to the calorie intake, you tend to gain weight. If it is higher, you end up losing weight. Notably, studies have also shown that losing weight will be accelerated if Ephedra is used alongside a combination of other substances in what is known as the ECA stack. It is possible to burn an extra 2.2lbs, when the ECA stack is used to increase the basal metabolism rate. Ephedra is also known to help you lose weight though other means. Since it is responsible for an increased energy supply, it is possible to spend more time in the gym. You are able to benefit from increased levels of physical endurance, which can only mean you are burning more fat through workouts.


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Ephedra Fat Burners

Ephedra fat Burners

thermoburnEphedra fat burners are the best supplements on the market for burning fat. The main reason is that ephedra fat burners create a thermogenic effect in the body which melts fat and retains muscle mass. Ephedra fat burners usually contain ephedra and caffeine, along with sometimes synephrine. Many people have been stacking ephedra fat burners with dendrobium and reporting excellent, over the top results. Ephedra works amazing as a fat burner but it also is a great energy booster for getting you through long days and keeping your baseline metabolism raised. This keeps your body in a state of fat burning all day and keeps you energized at the same time. Finally, ephedra fat burners also help with focus and reducing appetite.