Can you Buy Ephedrine HCL Over The Counter

Can You Buy Ephedrine Over The Counter at a Pharmacy?

thermoburnThe fitness segment in most US states continues to grapple with the ban on Ephedrine and Ephedra products. Luckily, it is still legal to purchase Ephedrine hydrochloride, even without an official prescription. Many pharmacies across these states will readily offer you Ephedrine once requested over the counter. It is true that you may not find some of the dietary supplement in shelves. This is because the FDA has special restrictions governing marketing and supply of pure Ephedrine. On the other hand, the purchasing process can be quite distressing. Some regulations require you to provide detailed physical information and your address. In other states, it is easy to get Ephedrine tablets as long as you are past the age of 18.

Pure Ephedrine Results

The notorious FDA ban affecting Ephedra and Ephedrine compounds made marketing for weight loss, or dietary pills a tricky affair. The good news is that the ban did not affect the Ephedrine HCL or Ephedrine Sulfate content marketed as bronchodilators, or nasal decongestants. It is deemed safe when ephedrine is used over the long-term but in small doses. One of the popular ephedrine based pills that you can get in the pharmacy is Bronkaid. The supplement has up to 25 mg per dose. Even though it is not as powerful as the ephedrine HCL version, it will provide the same results just like supplements with pure Ephedrine alkaloids.

Bronkaid Properties

There have been queries over the potency of the Bronkaid Stack, when it comes to burning unwanted fat deposits. Bronkaid is one of the products that you can get without prescription. It has been highly regarded by bodybuilders and athletes ramping up their fitness conditions. If used within the recommended dosage, it is a reliable dietary supplement. For individuals looking to achieve fast results, it is good to note the presence of Guaifenesin in Bronkaid doses. This compound is thought to interfere with the positive effects associated with ephedrine, when it comes to fat burning and body temperature regulation. The good news is that you can still get the benefits of ephedrine by sticking to pure ephedrine, as opposed to going for a Bronkaid combination which could slow down your weight loss goals.

Different Uses

A good alternative to help you achieve your goals is buying Pseudoephedrine as opposed to Ephedrine. This compound is more prominent in OTC supplements, such as Sudafed. It has been preferred by many bodybuilders, since it is a good substitute for Ephedrine alkaloids. The two are made from the Ephedra Sinica plant. However, Pseudoephedrine is known to have a mild effect compared to pure ephedrine. Overall it is better taken for decongestant purposes, not fat burning.

Ephedrine HCL Pills Source

The most daunting question that most bodybuilders or athletes will have to contend with is the best source of ephedrine HCL pills. You will want to buy these pills in a hassle free manner. Most people looking for such a chance have resorted to shipping these pills from Canada. Here it is easy to get Ephedrine, even from health outlets that are not necessarily pharmacies. You will only need to keep within the recommended dosage per purchase. It is easy to get 7.5 grams of pure Ephedrine from Canada on a mostly basis.


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