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ECA Stack : Ephedrine, Caffeine, Aspirin


ECA Stack 2014 Notes:

Many people are substituting ephedrine with a new stimulant compound called Dendrobium extract. Due to ephedrine not being available outside of Canada in pure form, many are turning to this new stimulant and reporting similar and even better results (Note: some are also adding in pharma grade synephrine hcl). Dendrobium Extract has similar origins to ephedrine and is a suitable replacement for using the ECA stack. Dendrobium Extract should be taken in 600+ mg dosages to ensure you are getting enough active ingredient, we recommend 610mg dendrobium extract here.


ECY or ECA Stack Ephedra Diet Pills

eca stack

Despite popular belief ephedra diet pills can still be found. Here are links to two of the best ephedra diet pills

1) Smacker ECY Stack Ephedra

2) Thermoburn Xtreme ECA

Complete ECA Stacks

There are products on the market that have ephedra, caffeine, and natural aspirin. Products like Thermoburn Xtreme with Ephedra work amazing for fat loss and is basically a bottled ECA stack. Thermoburn Xtreme is one of (if not the) strongest ephedra diet pill on the market still available in 2013.

ECA Stack Dosing

Traditional: 24 mg Ephedrine, 200mg Caffeine, 3 Times per day – 10 weeks on, 4 off.

Dendrobium: 610mg Dendrobium, 30mg Synephrine HCL, 200mg Caffeine, 2-3 times/day

ECA Stack 10 Week Schedule

Note: Servings can be replaced with Thermoburn Xtreme or Smacker Ephedra.

Note: Ephedrine can be replaced with Dendrobium Extract (600+mg only)

Note: Synephrine HCL can be added if Dendrobium is used as a substitute

    Week 1 – Day 2-3: Doses 4-6 hours apart: (3×8mg E pills per day or 24mg total)

  • Dose 1 – 8mg E, 100mg C
  • Dose 2 – 8mg E, 100mg C
  • Dose 3 – 8mg E, 100mg C
    Week 1 – Day 4-7: Doses 4-6 hours apart: (5×8mg E pills per day or 40mg total)

  • Dose 1 – 16mg E, 100mg C
  • Dose 2 – 16mg E, 100mg C
  • Dose 3 – 8mg E, 100mg C
    Week 2 – Day 8-14: Doses 4-6 hours apart: (7×8mg E per day or 56mg total)

  • Dose 1 – 24mg E, 200mg C
  • Dose 2 – 16mg E, 200mg C
  • Dose 3 – 16mg E, 100mg C
    Week 3-10: Doses 4-6 hours apart: (8×8mg E per day or 64mg total)

  • Dose 1 – 24mg E, 200mg C
  • Dose 2 – 24mg E, 200mg C
  • Dose 3 – 16mg E, 200mg C

It is important that after running the ECA or EC stack for 10 weeks that you take some time off. At the very least, 2 weeks.


What is an EC stack?

An EC stack is a combination of ephedrine and caffeine taken to accelerate fat loss.

What does an EC stack do to help with weight loss?

The EC stack boosts the metabolism causing 24/7 calorie burning. It also targets fat tissue and not muscle tissue. The EC Stack also decreases appetite.

What is the difference between an EC Stack and an ECA Stack?

An ECA Stack also includes aspirin. Aspirin in large doses is unsafe, so most people leave aspirin out and stick with the EC Stack.

ECA Stack Studies

Study here

Effects of ephedrine, caffeine, and their combination on muscular endurance:

Study here

“Astrup et al (1992) did a placebo controlled, double blind study on 180 obese patients over 24 weeks. They gave them either placebo, 20mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, or 20mg ephedrine WITH 200 mg caffeine. 141 patients completed the trial. Only the EC stack group showed significantly greater fat loss over placebo. Side effects of tremor, insomia, dizziness AND rises in blood pressure dissappeared by 8 weeks.”

“Jesper et al (2008) used a case-crossover study to analyse risk of cardiovascular events from taking clinically prescribed ephedrine and caffeine combinations. They did NOT find a connection between taking EC stacks and increased risk of adverse cardiovascular outcomes. They surmise that this is because the clinically prescribed EC combinations involve carefully metted doses and use ephedrine instead of ephedra.”



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